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The Wisdom Of One Daughter

Dear Friends,

Does the process of planning ahead for future health care make you anxious?

You're not alone.

Not everyone who joins one of our programs is champing at the bit to "Start the Conversation." Some find it just as overwhelming as you might. But, they know that in the long run, having plans in place and well-communicated will ease their worries long-term.

The Harris family offers a great example for us: Duriel Harris heard our segment on WBEZ last month, and decided it was time to start talking with her parents. Together, they joined us at one of our Chatham programming sites, Montclare Senior Living, and Duriel was able to understand what matters most to her mother and dad.

Her advice? "Gathering all the information possible" is the best way to tackle our sources of stress.

If you have the same worries about the end of life care of someone close to you, bring them....or the whole one of our programs this week! It's the official start of a new season, so START THE CONVERSATION this SUMMER!



Randi Belisomo

P.S. Look for these buttons around Chicago this summer....come see us and get one!


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Life Matters Media aims to be the premiere provider of information, resources and support for all involved in end of life decision-making. Through fostering better communication, we will empower the ill, aged, caregivers, surrogates and medical providers to navigate this life phase with confidence and dignity.

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Empowered life choices.
End of life quality.

We seek to foster a greater understanding of the capacity that end of life decisions have to nurture the human spirit.

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