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Quality of life at the end of life

What would your answer be?

Dear Friends,

Think fast: what is one thing that you're grateful for that's related to your health?

We hope that no matter your age or stage of health, you have (at least) one answer to that question. Even if you're currently in a difficult life phase, we are here to help you live well no matter the circumstances.

During a program this month at St. Felicitas Church, Sister Kathleen Smith opened the discussion by asking attendees this very question. Here are some of their responses:

- a daily multivitamin for people 50 and older
- regular doctor visits
- the ability to see, feel, touch and love
- a son-in-law who calls to check in

That last answer was from Linda Lovelace, who is using this Thanksgiving holiday to Start the Conversation with her daughter and son-in-law who are visiting from Texas, along with her son. Here's what she told me:

"I've learned so much from these programs, and I'm ready to talk to my daughter, Lorenda, and my son-in-law...who is so attentive to me. I'm sitting them down. The only problem I have is with my son, who is here in Chicago with me. He doesn't want to listen, but he will. That's because Mamma rules!"

We know our families don't always make it easy. But remember: by Starting the Conversation, you are making it easier for them. The right time is maybe after the turkey is served!

We need your support this fall to continue the impactful work we do throughout our community. Please help us meet our goal of raising $30,000 by November 28th; that’s Giving Tuesday, a national movement to remember the work of nonprofits after a retail binge spanning from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

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With your help, his $30,000 can become $60,000!

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We are more than halfway there, but need your help to reach that goal. We’re a small organization that changes lives, and leaving that life-changing money on the table would be tragic!

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Our Mission

Life Matters Media aims to be the premiere provider of information, resources and support for all involved in end of life decision-making. Through fostering better communication, we will empower the ill, aged, caregivers, surrogates and medical providers to navigate this life phase with confidence and dignity.

Our Vision

Empowered life choices.
End of life quality.

We seek to foster a greater understanding of the capacity that end of life decisions have to nurture the human spirit.

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