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Brokaw + a Certain Smile

Dear Friends,

Four things.

1. Meet Dr. Jennifer Brokaw!

She's a physician who has staked her career on improving end of life care. It's lucky for us that just like her father, Dr. Brokaw has a way with words.

What does that mean for you? She's our newest LMM expert, writing this month about a really bad trip that too many patients take.

We are so glad she's an advocate and a well as really friendly on Twitter! You can chit chat @JenniferBrokaw

2. Living Well is our suggestion for a New Year resolution, and it's not too late to get started. Come see us on Thursday at one of our favorite venues, Wellness House....and Start the Conversation!

If you need some inspiration......

3. Look no further than the Senior Active Men in Evanston!

It's no secret that the vast majority of those who Start the Conversation nationwide are women. That's why we are so happy that this group of guys decided to be have the last word in their own care this week by taking part in a really enriching program.

Once the topic was on the table, the stories they shared didn't stop. We didn't have to do much, as the men learned the most from each other's experiences.

My favorite came in response to our question, "Have you ever witnessed a 'good' end of life experience?"

With a smile, one man said "yes"...just three months ago, when his wife died.

He told us why he was smiling:

When my wife was diagnosed with cancer a year ago, there was nothing that we could do to cure it. She said "no" to the other options offered, asking me instead if we could travel the world.

That's exactly what we did, and I kept her wish that we didn't tell anyone her diagnosis. She didn't want the pity. She wanted to enjoy. We returned home a month before she passed away. We had hospice care at the house. She never experienced any pain. It was as beautiful as it could be.

We are so grateful for that, and for the inspiration!

4. Thanks to you, so many more will have the opportunity to consider decisions like that for themselves in 2018. Please remember that YOU are the ones who make this possible!

We hold your gifts in the highest esteem because we see what they do...and we want to especially recognize those making memorial and honorary donations in the past year:


See you soon,

President & Co-Founder


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