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You can give someone the Last Word

Dear Friends,

I have a story I would like to share with you. And $60,000 is what's at stake. Stay with me.

Earlier this year, I told you a little bit about Gwendolyn Lee. She's a special lady with a story that's worth an update. Gwendolyn Started the Conversation with us this spring at a senior center on Chicago's South Side. She had been worried about her future care. Gwendolyn has always been single, and she lives alone.

Because you believe in helping others....

• consider their end of life care choices: Gwendolyn put into words the fears she had never voiced. That no one would know her medical preferences. That no one would be there to care for her.

• communicate their preferences: Gwendolyn shared her wishes with her nieces and nephews. They listened, because it was important.

• secure those preferences in writing: Gwendolyn documented her wishes. Her niece has her advance directive. Her doctor does, too.

• have easy access to comprehensive planning: Gwendolyn could come see us a few weeks later to follow up.

That’s when she told me there was one important person who didn’t know her wishes... yet. Her new flame - who is really an old flame - from Wendell Phillips High School. They had recently reconnected through Facebook... 50 years later!

If he would be willing to listen to her care wishes, Gwendolyn believed she would know that - this time - it’s for keeps.

Fast forward four months… and I ran into these two holding hands at a jazz festival. Gwendolyn had Started the Conversation with him! With a wink, she told me it “went very well.”

What did he say? “I’m planning to be there then, so I’m glad to know!” It has the makings of a love built to last. Gwendolyn is honored with the last word in her care. By sharing what matters most later, this couple can enjoy what’s meaningful now. For them, it’s the Hawaii cruise they’re planning! 💓

Without folks like you, these conversations wouldn’t be starting... and continuing... among our families, friends and neighbors. Your donations have deepened discussions, strengthened families and even sparked romance (!) by allowing people to plan together. It’s the best way to receive the care we desire.

Now, back to that dollar amount I mentioned: $60,000. It’s an exciting opportunity and a promise that ensures that just like Gwendolyn and thousands of others, thousands more can plan for quality of life at the end of life.

Here's the deal:

One very generous friend of our shared mission has volunteered to match your gift this fall on a dollar-for-dollar basis... up to $30,000! Will you help?

You know the math: $50 becomes $100.
A gift of $250 becomes $500.
With your help, his $30,000 can become $60,000!!!!!!!!

You responded overwhelmingly last year by matching a $9,500 foundation gift. We know this ask is more than 3x the size of last year’s challenge. We hope you see it as 6x the opportunity and feel great about your impact.

We're a small organization that changes lives, and leaving that life-changing money on the table would be tragic!

We need you to give today.

Now is the time to allow more to have the last word in their care. When it comes to Gwendolyn’s end of life experience... or your own... the last word is never something to concede.

Please help others claim it. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I’ll also update you when I hear about two other Important worDs frOm the happy couple! 💍


Randi Belisomo

P.S. This is a great offer, but our generous donor has his limits! The deadline for his match is #GivingTuesday, November 28th. That’s why we need you to act now by visiting us here!


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