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The Life Matters Media Newswire aims to serve as a comprehensive portal of all news related to end of life decision making and care. We aggregate stories from other media outlets in one place- here, where you can access them easily. We also strive to produce original content covering stories we feel are receiving scant attention.

Life Matters Media Featured In The Good Men Project


Dr. Judi Strauss-Lipkin, 69, is the owner and principal of Strauss Financial in Chicago, Ill., and former professor of human resource management at Benedictine University. She spoke to Life Matters Media about her experiences caring for her aging husband. Larry, 87, a retired accountant and WWII veteran, is her husband of 26 years. Larry has suffered bouts with heart failure, Bell’s palsy, COPD and short-term memory loss.

Read the interview at the Good Men Project

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