Your Guide To The Digital Afterlife

Courtesy WikiMedia Commons

Courtesy WikiMedia Commons

Protecting your online property and ensuring loved ones can access the digital data and passwords they need is a vital step in comprehensive end of life planning. Here, you’ll find resources to make this process a little easier.

WBEZ’s Director of Digital Content, Tim Akimoff, and attorney Ronette McCarthy advised during Life Matters Media’s “Your Digital Afterlife” program at Revolution Brewing that we all can take the following steps now to secure our online lives:

Thomas Owen, a WGN Web producer, summed up the challenges we face and some solutions in these stories:

Want to learn about Google’s Death Manager?

Marcus Leshock, WGN Features Reporter, talked to an author of a digital afterlife guide:

Randi Belisomo and Andrea Darlas discussed this new challenge on WGN Radio:

Daniel Gaitan weighed in on the complexities during a Rivet Radio interview:

Sue Ontiveros of the Chicago Sun-Times is thinking about planning, too: