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Someone you love may be waiting….

Dear Friends,

How about making a New Year’s resolution that you don’t have to stick to for weeks and months?

One that can be done in the first week of 2017….

A resolution that you can check off your list of things you know you should do…

Ask (at least) one family member how they want to live at the end of their life.

That’s it! You don’t have to get mired down in medical scenarios or treatment options. Just ask what’s important to them. How they envision it. Talk about what they DO WANT instead of what they don’t.

You’ll likely learn something you didn’t know about this person, and you will be doing the both of you a great service….and performing an act of love.

REMEMBER: A significant percentage (it ranges, depending on the research!) of those who have not had a conversation about their end of life health care wishes are waiting for someone else to start the conversation.

You can be the initiator for a loved one who might be waiting!

If you intend to start this conversation, please consider making a donation to Life Matters Media to commemorate the occasion. A one hundred dollar gift can represent your peace of mind now….and the future heartache you’re averting.

We depend on your help to help others do just this and more. Tell us about that conversation….you can send a message here! I would really love to read it.

Thanks so much for your support in 2016 as we have started and continued the conversation throughout our region and throughout the country online. Check out our top stories of the year on …. some may prompt further discussion as you carry out this resolution in your family.

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We look forward to another year of empowering others to plan well and live well at the end of life.

Let’s empower more together….and click this.

Warmest wishes to you for a prosperous New Year.

Randi Belisomo,
President and Co-Founder