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Someone you should know

Dear Friends,

I introduce to you….Betty Anne:

Betty Anne is one very special attendee of more than 30 seniors who Started the Conversation this month at Abbott Park.

Every day for more than 26 years (except the day that she had surgery), Betty Anne has traveled from Chatham to the far Northwest Side of Chicago….about 22 miles….to visit her son. As a medical student, he had a car accident on the way home from an engagement party that left him paralyzed and on a ventilator.

Since then, he has inspired Betty Anne and all those around him as he has kept his mind and spirit engaged; he has read the Bible cover to cover 15 times!

Betty Anne, however, knows that treatment measures that might be right for him are not right for her. While her son hopes for all interventions to live as long as possible, her own wishes for herself are very different….and that’s okay!

That’s what this conversation is all about, defining our OWN values and goals and then aligning our end of life preferences accordingly.

Betty Anne has been able to consider many health scenarios and now knows what’s best for her. Our organization helps her get there.

Her story is a small peek into what’s been going on with us and on Chicago’s South Side this year, as Chatham residents are Starting the Conversation all over their neighborhood!

This program, with the support of the Retirement Research Foundation and our many community partners, is emerging as a trusted resource so that residents can access convenient and culturally competent help in considering, communicating and documenting their choices.

The help they need can be found at a variety of locations throughout the year….we are offering about 20 opportunities within the next few weeks, as a matter of fact!

We thank you for your support! For more information on where we will be, check our online calendar.



Randi Belisomo