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Lifting spirits in a lousy year…

Dear friends,

Lucinda has had one lousy year.

Work stress. Health worries. Caregiving strains that have left her exhausted, second-guessing, and feeling alone.

Lucinda has been caring for her mother with Alzheimer’s. Her mom has been in and out of the hospital, and at 93, her declining mental capacity is not her only medical concern.

These complications – like so many that you may be facing- prompted Lucinda to realize that she needs to take care of her life, too. That’s why she came to our May programs at the Avalon branch of the Chicago Public Library.

She wanted to make sure that her care preferences are clear and understood, because when we met, Lucinda said she is in “worse shape” than her mom. (She’s not, but she felt like it!)

Before participating in our “Starting the Conversation” series at Avalon, she had tried to discuss these issues with her only child- a son in Las Vegas.

“Sometimes I would try to talk about what’s going to happen to me, and he just cut me off. He doesn’t want to hear it. Everything I have is in his name, and he’s all I’ve got. He doesn’t want to discuss that, and we haven’t written anything down on paper.”

Sound familiar?

So, we made a plan. And Lucinda stuck to it.

She defined her goals of how to live well, and she realized the best way to approach the discussion.

Two weeks later- we met again….and Lucinda was radiant! What changed?

She got one burden off her chest…and relieved a future burden on her son. They had the conversation!

“I was straight forward, and he was straight this time. I’m feeling so much more comfortable. I told him that he doesn’t always want to hear it, but we have to do this. It helped the way I approached it. I said that he was the only person I’ve got, and this is important to me, especially with what I’ve been dealing with for his grandmother. I now feel like he’s going to hear me, and we’re going to do this together.”

We can do this together, too.

Join us at one of our upcoming programs, and we can help you relieve one stress.

At the Chicago Public Library’s Whitney Young branch:

– MAY 24: Securing Your Care Preferences: Making Sense of Advance Directives

– JUNE 7: Caring Options: Palliative Care, Hospice, Comfort and Dignity

– JUNE 14: Final Matters: Options for Disposition, Organ and Medical Donation, is it for Me?

At the Abbott Park Senior Center:

– MAY 26: ‘Start the Conversation’: Consider, Communicate, Document

We would LOVE to hear about how your conversations and plans have helped your family. Let us know!

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Thanks so much for your support.


Randi Belisomo