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Chicago Med Files DNR Under X-File

BY CRAIG KLUGMAN, Ph.D | LIFE MATTERS MEDIA CONTRIBUTOR This past week appears to have been “advance directive week” on television. First, on the rebooted X-Files, Dana Scully finds her mother’s advance directive. Second, a Chicago Med physician ignores not only a DNR, but a patient’s clearly stated wishes not to be resuscitated. One of […]

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Can Julianna Snow Refuse Life-Saving Treatment?

BY CRAIG KLUGMAN, PH.D. | Julianna Snow is a 5-year-old dying of a neurodegenerative illness, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.  It is the most common of all inherited neurological disorders, affecting about one in 2,500 people in the U.S. The disease affects not only Julianna’s movement, but her ability to swallow and breathe. Every few hours, she is […]

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