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The Life Matters Media Newswire aims to serve as a comprehensive portal of all news related to end of life decision making and care. We aggregate stories from other media outlets in one place- here, where you can access them easily. We also strive to produce original content covering stories we feel are receiving scant attention.

Massachusetts Medical Society Ends Opposition To Physician-Assisted Suicide

BY DANIEL GAITAN | The Massachusetts Medical Society has ended its opposition to physician-assisted suicide. The medical society on Saturday adopted a neutral stance on what it now calls “medical aid-in-dying,” The Boston Globe reports. The society’s governing body approved the changes in separate votes, with delegates voting 151 to 62 to retract its […]

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Terminally Ill Boy Dies After Receiving Thousands Of Christmas Cards

BY LIFE MATTERS MEDIA STAFF PORTLAND, Maine –  Thousands of people across the world helped a terminally boy celebrate his last Christmas. As Jacob Thompson approached the end of his short life, his family asked strangers across the globe to send Christmas cards to help them celebrate his favorite holiday early. Jacob, who died Sunday at Barbara […]

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