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The Life Matters Media Newswire aims to serve as a comprehensive portal of all news related to end of life decision making and care. We aggregate stories from other media outlets in one place- here, where you can access them easily. We also strive to produce original content covering stories we feel are receiving scant attention.

New Film Explores The New York Times’ Obits

LIFE MATTERS MEDIA A charming new documentary explores the obit writers of the nation’s most prestigious newspaper. In Obit, director Vanessa Gould goes behind the scenes at The New York Times’ Obituary Desk. The obits are still among the paper’s best-written and most-read articles. Although nobody seeks them out at parties, the legendary writers at The New York Times […]

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New Jersey Moves Toward Electronic POLST System

LIFE MATTERS MEDIA STAFF New Jersey could soon become one of the first states to use a state-wide electronic health registry to store seriously ill patients’ medical orders. State Health Commissioner Cathleen Bennett and officials from the New Jersey Hospital Association unveiled the new electronic Practitioner Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) initiative this month at a local […]

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