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The Life Matters Media Newswire aims to serve as a comprehensive portal of all news related to end of life decision making and care. We aggregate stories from other media outlets in one place- here, where you can access them easily. We also strive to produce original content covering stories we feel are receiving scant attention.

An ‘Accidental Activist’: One ICU Doctor’s Work To Change Death Through Print And Film

BY DANIEL GAITAN | Jessica Zitter calls herself an “accidental activist.” After decades working in intensive care units, the California-based physician is now focusing on making end of life care better for her patients – and millions of others. In today’s medical culture, the dying are often put on what Zitter calls the “End […]

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Overweight People Less Likely To Die At Home Or With Hospice Care

BY DANIEL GAITAN | Overweight and obese Americans who are nearing death are significantly less likely to be enrolled in a hospice program or die at home, according to a troubling new study. Researchers with the University of Michigan Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation analyzed health records of more than 5,600 seniors who died while taking […]

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Remembering Jean Cece

Family First at the Beginning, End and Always We remember a steadfast supporter of the Life Matters Media family, Jean Cece, who died Friday, February 10th surrounded by her family. She was 72. Jean died as she had hoped, while receiving hospice care at home. Her death was peaceful, beautiful and healing to those who loved […]

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