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A Special Update: Catherine’s Journey

SPECIAL TO LIFE MATTERS MEDIA Noreen Burke Coussens, Elder Guide, Ltd. JUNE 2017 – As Catherine’s story unfolded…. Catherine’s health began to decline. Wounds were not healing due to poor circulation; her overall stamina was decreasing.  Every action became an effort.  Catherine and I had a follow-up discussion. I had explained to her that her heart, […]

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Passed And Present: Keeping Memories Alive

Making Mourning the Most Active of Verbs with Author Allison Gilbert  BY DANIEL GAITAN| GLENVIEW, Ill. – After the death of a loved one, many bottle-up their emotions. But that’s not healthy, according to noted author Allison Gilbert, who spoke about loss and “living in the present” this month at the Chicago Botanic Garden. […]

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An ‘Accidental Activist’: One ICU Doctor’s Work To Change Death Through Print And Film

BY DANIEL GAITAN | Jessica Zitter calls herself an “accidental activist.” After decades working in intensive care units, the California-based physician is now focusing on making end of life care better for her patients – and millions of others. In today’s medical culture, the dying are often put on what Zitter calls the “End […]

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