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Tell us a story about yourself, a family member, or a friend who in facing the end of life or providing care for others, has set an example for us all.

It is our belief at Life Matters Media that one of the most powerful ways we learn is through the stories of others. Facing the end of life is a universal experience, but few people talk about it. We seek to change that, and through your stories about this life phase and the caregiving that often accompanies it, we all can grow richer from the exchange between writer and reader. We welcome the constructive voices of caregivers, patients, medical and non-medical professionals. By showcasing many perspectives on the struggles, rewards, decisions and motivations of those facing end of life issues, our lives and the lives of those for whom we care are, in turn, nourished. Thank you for considering sharing your essay. We recognize that these are some of the most personal of topics, and we feel privileged to share your story.

While we know there is far more to your story, writers should aim to keep their essays to 750 words or less. We cannot guarantee every submission will be published on our website, but if it is not published immediately, don’t worry – it could be in the future! Email submissions to with contact information. We will be in touch with you, and thank you for taking the time to share your essay with us.

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One Thought on “Contribute an Essay”

  1. Along with my husband, we have been the live-in caregivers of my dad who is 96 and suffers from dementia since April 2012. Sometimes it seems like we’ve been here forever. Often it feels like our situation will never change, and I get quite discouraged.

    Dad falls into a “gray” area considering his health care: he is reclusive. Getting him to go to a doctor’s office is an ordeal that requires two adults and is exhausting, frustrating and leaves the caregiver feeling angry, sad and helpless. Because dad has no “chronic” condition, i.e., a heart problem, ambulatory difficulties, diabetes, etc., Medicare will not cover any sort of in-home care by medical professionals. This has been extremely frustrating for us. Add to the fact that dad is very cantankerous with us, but immediately turns on the charm with strangers, leaving everyone outside the situation to think we are souless, abusive caregivers.

    Through endless search, I was able to find an organization in the Chicago area that will conduct home care visits. This was an absolute miracle and I immediately applied for my dad to receive this care. Fortunately, he has Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance in addition to Medicare and this organization, Visiting Physicians, will have their first visit to our home to see dad on Tuesday, July 14th.

    I want to get this information out to others, as I’m certain there are many others in my situation who could desperately use the services of an in-home medical visit but may not qualify for such under Medicare. Please contact them immediately! Visiting Physicians,877/468-7322. Or visit their website:

    I hope this information can be of some use to caregivers out there. We are performing one of the toughest jobs we will ever face. It is isolating and terribly depressing at times. Try to remember to take care of YOURSELF too, as impossible as that might seem.

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