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We're Halfway Through 2018! Here's Some Of Our Favorite Stories

January: Deadly Delirium by Jennifer Brokaw

The day I showed up at the hospital, Pat’s nightmare had been running almost ceaselessly for several weeks.

February: Kylie Minogue 'Dancing' With Death On New Single by Daniel Gaitan

Australian pop princess Kylie Minogue dances with death on her new hit single.

March: Do You Know Someone Like Julianne? by Daniel Gaitan

Interactive animation is illuminating the struggles of millions of millennial caregivers, and the project just might stir up some empathy among these caregivers’ employers and friends.

April: Ashes To Glass by Daniel Gaitan

Nichole Valenta will soon possess her most cherished piece of jewelry, but it won’t be made of silver or gold.

May: 'End Game' Is The Documentary America Needs by Daniel Gaitan

You’ve been dealt a hand of cards. We could wish we had different cards, or we could play a different game, but this is where we are now.

That’s what palliative care specialist Dr. Steve Pentilat tells the defiant family of a dying middle-aged wife and mother in the prodigious new documentary on Netflix, 'End Game.'

June: One Woman's 'Rampage' To Get Americans Talking More About Death - And Less About Money by Daniel Gaitan

Patient advocate and storyteller Kimberly Paul is living her dream by sharing the gospel of death.

July: ALS Can't Break Mr. Connolly's Spirit by Daniel Gaitan

Imagine speaking to a packed auditorium and slurring your words.

Imagine you’re a completely sober high school principal and everyone — students, teachers and parents — is wondering whether you’re drunk or high.

Imagine going to the doctor a few weeks later and learning you’re going to slowly lose control of your body and fast approach the end of life.

That’s what happened to a New Hampshire principal in 2014.

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