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Look What Supporters Like You Have Made Possible!

Spring Greetings, Friends!

We wanted to give you a look at what advocates like you have made possible for others lately.

More than 1,000 people in the last month alone have joined us in making their future care wishes a reality.

Thanks to the strong support from our conversation champions, our National Health Care Decisions Week programming was the biggest and most impactful ever! Our #LivingWellEOL art installations across the Chicago area were conversation starters, prompting the public to pause, ponder their hopes, talk them through, and watch them take shape on our colossal canvases. I hope you agree that they are lovely and inspiring. (Click the image below to view all our pictures!) 

Best of all, these canvases represent the hopes of so many who have been Starting the Conversation!

That's the exciting news.

The result of this news is this: LMM's reach has exceeded our resources.

Never before has the demand for planning and end of life education been higher. What we started together as a groundswell of conversations about these topics has been amplified...with a really big megaphone. Folks and their families are turning to us for help, and we hope we can turn to you.

As you know, many don't know how to plan for the end of life. But our loyal supporters are making this process easy, understandable and accessible. If you would be so kind to join them, you can make this process available for families today.

If we are fortunate enough to earn your support, now is the time to give!

Our friends at the MR Bauer Foundation are matching May gifts! A gift of $65 becomes $130, so don't wait!

Think about this: you can give TWO families the most impactful and cost-effective intervention that exists for only $65. Your gift equals a better end of life experience for others!

We are so grateful to have you on our side!

Thank you for your friendship...and thank you for your compassion.


Randi Belisomo


Our Mission

Life Matters Media aims to be the premiere provider of information, resources and support for all involved in end of life decision-making. Through fostering better communication, we will empower the ill, aged, caregivers, surrogates and medical providers to navigate this life phase with confidence and dignity.

Our Vision

Empowered life choices.
End of life quality.

We seek to foster a greater understanding of the capacity that end of life decisions have to nurture the human spirit.

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