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Mandela Shows Us the Language of Dying Needs to Change

“As most everyone around the world is aware, Nelson Mandela is dying. This statement elicits deep feelings of melancholy, sadness and grief. Why? It’s in the language.

The immediacy of the present progressive’is dying’ connotes a very different emotional response than the remoteness of ‘is going to die’. Mandela is a great man who has earned global respect. As his family strives to maintain some degree of privacy, the final chapter of his complex life is displayed for the world to see.”

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One Thought on “Mandela Shows Us the Language of Dying Needs to Change”

  1. Such an essential point! Today, my long time Macy’s sales person told me she never said goodbye to her husband who recently died in the hospital with diabetes complications. Why can’t we use realistic language and prognoses instead of “sell” medical treatment outcomes. But would we ever sign informed consent papers?

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