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Final Roadmap: Planning For End Of Life Online

A new website is encouraging its paying members to organize their end of life wishes in the comfort and privacy of their homes with simple, easy to use forms. Final Roadmap, a for-profit venture, was launched in June by three Chicago-area friends. They combined their knowledge in the legal, health care and hospitality fields and are responding to the aging baby boomer population.

Final Roadmap

Final Roadmap aims to be a “virtual vault”– a single and secure location where members outline their end of life preferences, store their legal and financial documents, and upload personal messages for their loved ones, co-founder and C.O.O. Steve Byrne told LMM. For a one-time fee, members complete six different sections of the kit– 1) medical care, 2) legal and financial, 3) physical death, 4) visitation and services, 5) messages for loved ones after death and 6) notifications. Members may change or supplement these sections for life.

In the event that a member were to become unable to make decisions for him or herself, a pre-authorized designee could access certain forms saved with the Final Roadmap account– helping ensure one’s end of life wishes are executed. Advance health care directives and legal documents can be uploaded to the “lockbox” for safekeeping.

While the website does allow users to simplify their personal documents, fill out a whimsical “bucket list” and leave notification instructions for after death, members still must have or create important, legally binding documents outside of the site — Final Roadmap provided Life Matters Media with an account to explore. There are links to online legal documentation services like LegalZoom for estate planning, or for designating a power of attorney for health care.

While similar forms are available online for free, Final Roadmap maintains that the site’s simple navigation, unique document sharing and security make the almost $250 membership worth the price. “People are really, really impressed with it, their like ‘wow, this is a great idea,'” Byrne said. The founders of Final Roadmap would not reveal how many memberships have been sold since their launch, only that they would like to be selling more.