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How Do You Know When It’s Time For Hospice?

This piece was first published in Reuters Health. LMM President Randi Belisomo is a contributor.

Worn out and needing someone to know she was desperate, Jen Bosworth called her mother’s physician.

The Chicago-area drug counselor had spent two years caring for 67-year-old breast cancer patient Ines at the time in 2011, and her mother’s wellbeing was declining as quickly as the cancer seemed to explode.

“She was having problems getting around, and treatments weren’t working,” recalls Bosworth, then a 35-year-old newlywed. “She was spending more time being schlepped around than enjoying life.”

Bosworth’s doctor welcomed the call, offering a new option: hospice care. “I was totally afraid of that word,” remembers Bosworth, who wrote a one-woman show about her mother’s illness, Why Not Me: Love, Cancer and Jack White. “I thought it meant she would die the next day.”

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