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Start the most difficult conversation American isn’t having- the conversation about our end of life preferences



Dear Friends,

Our busiest season to date is set to begin, and I wanted to thank those of you already participating in our campaign to Learn, Give Thanks and Resolve!

Life Matters Media was just awarded a $40,000 matching grant from the MR Bauer Foundation. We are most grateful for the confidence in our work, and we are asking you to “join the movement” in three simple steps outlined below.

We have received a great response so far, but I wanted to pass along the story and “steps” that one supporter, Nadine Boyle, was kind enough to share with us. Through her participation, Nadine honored her late husband, David R. Boyle, and late brother, Paul W. Harris, pictured below. May this inspire you to Learn, Give Thanks and Resolve!

David was the most fearless person I have ever met. Besides being my best friend and husband, he was a carpenter, a community activist and a lawyer. He took tremendous glee in confronting corrupt government officials and organized crime members. He wasn’t even afraid of his own death, however he knew his diagnosis would freak me out- and he was correct. I think that’s why we never spoke about end of life issues, because it terrified me to think of life without him. I think he was trying to bolster me and protect me from the reality that I was given. 

Paul was so kind and gentle and loved people. He could converse with a homeless person as easily as with a head of state. When he told me his disease was terminal, I froze. We hugged and cried, but neither of us could speak. Both David and Paul were young, they were at an age where you just don’t think death will visit your door. 

I know now the importance of letting family know your end of life plans. It is easier for your family to know that you want a burial or cremation, that health directives are in order, and where you want to spend your last days. So much is going on when a person is dying that to have “housekeeping” issues in place gives a family time to concentrate on a loved one’s passage rather than agonizing over the decision of when, where and how to let the loved one go.

You have inspired me to have the end of life conversations with my nieces and nephews. I plan to have a weekend morning gathering titled something like “Eggs Over the End.” – Nadine Boyle

We hope this story also inspires you to Learn, Give Thanks and Resolve! Here’s how:


As our children and grandchildren have headed back to school, we ask you to get back to learning, too. We invite you to determine how best to take care of those you love most. Check out our website to investigate how to talk about your end of life wishes with loved ones. Get to know their preferences, too!

Send us a message about what you found most helpful as you begin the process. Such feedback can guide us as we grow. Email me at


The MR Bauer Foundation will generously contribute an equal amount as supporters donate through December 31st, 2014. If we raise $40,000, we receive $40,000 more!

Please partner with us in this effort to expand our services online and throughout our Chicago community. Urgency and passion drive us to do this work in end of life education, but we couldn’t do it without you. This is an excellent opportunity to make your 2014 charitable contributions go twice as far. If you, a family member, friend, colleague or charitable organization with which you are familiar really “care” about end of life care, please share our goals! Or point us to them!

Consider a donation of $50 in memory of someone you wish you could have talked to about his or her end of life preferences.

Consider a donation of $50 in honor of someone with whom you have already had this conversation.

If you have reviewed our website or attended one of our educational programs, a $10 donation would be a great way to participate in this campaign. That $10 will turn to $20 through the generosity of the MR Bauer Foundation!

You can donate online:

You can also send donations through mail:
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Please consider sharing a photo of the person you are remembering or honoring in your donation, as did Nadine. Tell us about him or her in an email to me at Let us know why you are donating, and we will honor that gift on our website. We look forward to sharing your stories and making your money go far!


We invite you to resolve to have such a conversation with someone else. Share your end of life preferences, and then learn theirs.

When you do, tell us how the conversation went! We would like to collect your stories about this conversation, so we may share the gift of experience with others looking to get started themselves.

That’s our campaign! Easy!


Randi Belisomo
President and Co-Founder