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Chicago: Seniors Protest Cuts To Home Care

Nearly two-dozen people were arrested in Chicago today for protesting cuts to programs designed for the elderly. Hundreds of seniors voiced their concerns about Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner’s plan to cut home care services in an effort to help balance the state’s budget.

Twenty-two protestors were arrested after blocking North Michigan Avenue, one of Chicago’s busiest streets, WGN-TV reporter and Life Matters Media founder Randi Belisomo reports. Rauner proposed changing the scoring system to make it tougher for seniors to qualify for the Community Care Program, which helps seniors live independently, provide caregiver support and reduce nursing home costs to taxpayers.

The state estimates that 36,000 seniors could lose home care services under the rule changes. Currently, the services are intended only for those 60 and older with assets of $17,500 or less. Recipients must have an assessed need for long-term care.