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Start the most difficult conversation American isn’t having- the conversation about our end of life preferences

LMM To Present At American Society for Bioethics and Humanities Annual Meeting

The American Society for Bioethics and Humanities promotes the exchange of ideas and fosters multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary scholarship, research, policy development, professional development and collegiality among people engaged in clinical and academic bioethics and medical humanities.

Life Matters Media founders Randi Belisomo and Dr. Mary F. Mulcahy will present our research during the organization’s annual meeting in Houston, Tex., Oct. 22. to 25.

Theater As A Catalyst For Advance Care Planning

ASBH Theater 2015

“Bud’s Café Redux,” an original production from Chicago-based Time of Your Life Players, explored the importance of end of life planning through situational comedy and song.

The light-hearted production focused on Bud, a broke café owner, who receives a troubling phone call from his attorney. He learns his beloved family-owned business is sitting on rented property leased by his late father; he must buy the building or lose everything. Read more

Systemic Implementation Of Advance Care Planning In A Diverse City

ASBH Aging poster 2015-2

Throughout 2014 at each of Chicago’s 23 municipal senior centers, Belisomo and Mulcahy helped seniors consider their own end of life care preferences and provide them next-step resources.

They surveyed those attendees about their personal considerations of end of life care; this data, alongside the social demography of each senior center’s surrounding neighborhood, was compiled in partnership with Northwestern University’s Buehler Center on Aging, Health and Society.