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Hospice Nurse’s Facebook Video Goes Viral


An Ohio hospice nurse’s video message on life and death has gone viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of views this summer.

After her shift at Hospice of Northwest Ohio in July, Rebecca Turley was inspired to pull over, take out her phone and offer her feelings on Facebook.

“Life is so short,” Turley says in her three-minute video. “When you work with death and people who are dying every day, you kind of become immune to it, but there’s always a few patients that really, really get you.”

She said she had been caring for one of those patients and his family the day she recorded the video. She witnessed the “magical moment” the patient took his last breaths.

“If you have a family member who you have been fighting with, if you are unhappy in your job, life is so, so short,” Turley says. “You should live life to the fullest, maintain good relationships, don’t stress about little things.”

Since then, Turley told a local TV station that she has received thousands of messages of support from across the globe.

“I’m really happy that I could inspire so many people,” she told WTVG TV.