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Hospital Helps Patient Check-Off Bucket List Wish


Caregivers at an Indiana hospital gave a woman facing rectal cancer the time of her life.

Caregivers at Hendricks Regional Hospital provided patient Brenda Griffith, of Pittsboro, a sunset ride in a hot air balloon this month. It had been a lifelong wish.

“I’m scared of heights, but I’m going to do it,” Griffith told WTHR.

According to the local TV station, Griffith had a conversation with her cancer navigator, Eva Burgan, who asked if there was something she always wished to do.

“She just makes all these notes all the time, because she’s a cancer navigator, and she makes all these notes all the time and the next thing I know, I’ve got someone knocking on the door and saying, ‘Hey! We got you a balloon ride!’,” Griffith added.

Burgan, who said she’s worked with Griffith for six years, shared her request with a colleague. After texting each other and partnering with a generous donor, they worked with Firefly Balloon Rides and RE/MAX Centerstone to make the trip a reality. 

“Brenda is a beloved patient at Hendricks Regional Health who was diagnosed with rectal cancer six years ago. She recently found out her cancer has metastasized. Along her cancer journey, she’s formed many wonderful relationships with our team,” the hospital posted on its Facebook page.

– Image via Facebook