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GIVING TUESDAY: Who are you remembering this holiday season?

Dear Friends,

Lorraine was more than a wonderful mom. She was the best teacher, too.

Patrick celebrated his time with his kids while living with cancer for five years.

Bob taught his kids to be the people they dreamed of being…and to take risks.

Cathy had a beautiful smile, and she led by example with her end of life planning.

Jim was so kind. He worried most about not burdening his wife when he got sick.

Jean wanted a unified family. Entering hospice care allowed her wish to come true.

Lorraine Czerwiec
Honored by MK Czerwiec

Patrick Byrne
Honored by Ellen Byrne

Bob Hopkins
Honored by Ellen Purze

Cathy Troyner
Honored by Mary Jo Olhava
and Mr. and Mrs. Nick Belisomo

Jim Mulcahy
Honored by Anne Mulcahy

Jean Cece
Honored by Karen Michalek

Who are you remembering this holiday season?

What gifts or lessons do you cherish?

It’s #GivingTuesday, and we are grateful for these six lives and the others who have been remembered this month through memorial donations to our fall campaign. We thank you for honoring them by honoring others at the end of life.

We are especially grateful for those of you who have passed along wisdom from your loved ones! What a gift!

On this #GivingTuesday, we invite you to make a $65 memorial donation and pass along a lesson you’ve learned from your honoree.

Who are you remembering this holiday season?

What gifts or lessons do you cherish?

This gift would:
1) provide quality end of life planning for another family
2) remember your loved one in a special way
3) pass along the legacy he or she has left you!

For small organizations like Life Matters Media, the average #GivingTuesday gift is $126. We’re NOT asking for that much!

Please consider a gift of $65 today and share memories of the one you are remembering in the comment section.

It automatically becomes $195!

How is it possible?

This month we were happy to shared that a very generous friend of our shared mission has volunteered to match your gift this fall on a dollar-for-dollar basis… up to $30,000!

Additionally, our friends at the Retirement Research Foundation have volunteered to match your #GivingTuesday gift on a dollar-for-dollar basis…up to $5,000! The gift you give today counts!

That’s triple the help you will provide others in considering, communicating and documenting their end of life care preferences. All of that can happen thanks to the support we receive from YOU and your gift matching partners.

Thank you for making quality of life at the end of life a reality for another family on this #GivingTuesday. Thank you also for sharing memories of your family with us.

We are grateful.


Randi Belisomo
President and Co-Founder