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Jimmy Fallon Makes Emotional Return To ‘Tonight Show’ After Mother’s Death


A solemn Jimmy Fallon returned to “The Tonight Show” Monday night just days after the death of his mother.

“As some of you know, my mother, Gloria, passed away recently,” Fallon said at the start of his usually light-hearted live show. “She was the best audience. She was the one I was always trying to make laugh. She was such a fan of the show, and everything I did.”

His mother died on Nov. 4 at age 68. All of last week’s scheduled shows were cancelled and replaced with reruns.

Fallon also offered a childhood memory of his mother, who used to hold his hand as they walked to the store. She did the same in the hospital.

“She would squeeze my hand three times and say, ‘I love you,’ and I would squeeze back ‘I love you too,'” Fallon said. “Last week, I was in the hospital and I grabbed her hand and squeezed, ‘I love you.'”

The unexpectedly emotional segment sparked warm headlines across the nation. The YouTube clip of it went viral, amassing more than 750,000 views.

– Image courtesy NBC