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Terminally Ill Boy Asks For Christmas Cards To Celebrate His Last Christmas


PORTLAND, Maine – This Christmas will be extra special for one 9-year-old boy.

Jacob Thompson is nearing the end of his life, and his family is asking people across the world to send Christmas cards so they can celebrate his favorite holiday early.

Jacob has already received hundreds of cards, some of them homemade and electronic. He’s even been shipped a few toys.

“The response to Jacob’s story has been wonderfully overwhelming! Out of concern for Jacob and all the patients at the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, please refrain from personally delivering cards to the hospital,” according to a statement posted on the hospital’s Facebook page.

In 2014, Jacob was diagnosed with stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma, a rare cancerous tumor that has spread to his head. He entered hospice care last month.

His mother said the family is heartened by the outpouring of support.

“It really showed him that the world is good and that there are a lot of people thinking of him,” mother Michelle Simard told ABC News. “He’s been getting some handmade cards from other children on the floor and slowly getting stuff from the public. He’s been very smiley. It’s really lit up his face to see everybody’s support.”

The family plans to celebrate Christmas later this month.

Cards can be sent to Jacob here:
Jacob Thompson
Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall Street
Portland, ME 04102

– Image via Facebook