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Our 2017 Top 10 Countdown

Dear Friends,

Our website generated more interest in 2017 than ever before!

Our news, information and commentary reached tens of thousands of readers in dozens of countries across the globe.

Here’s our Top 10 stories:

1: Are You An Elder Orphan?

2: Mother Shares Final Moments of 4-Year-Old’s Struggle With Cancer

3: By Most Standards, Hers Was a ‘Good’ Death. But We Still Failed Her by Dr. Jeremy Topin

4: How I Encouraged My Dad to Start Hospice ‘Early’ by Karen Purze

5: The Tragic Case Of Charlie Gard: A Timeline

6: Palliative Care And The Life That’s Left by Susan M. Mathews, Ph.D.

7: Physician Assisted Suicide And Teen Suicide: One Policy’s Dangerous Message To Vulnerable Youth by Susan M. Mathews, Ph.D.

8: Ohio Restaurant Ships Milkshake To Dying Woman

9: Running To Remember Lou by Celeste Gallati

10: ‘Logan’: A Superhero Film Not Afraid Of Death


Randi Belisomo

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