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Man Eats All The Food From ‘Lord Of The Rings’ To Honor Father


A man re-watched the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy and crafted a Tolkien-inspired meal to commemorate the anniversary of his father’s death.

United Kingdom-based writer Nate Crowley and a friend re-watched the over three-hour epic and paired it with Middle Earth-inspired dishes.

Crowley posted images of every course on Twitter, which mirror the dishes consumed in the trology by Frodo, Gandalf the Grey and orcs.

“I’ve prepared a 14 course ‘meal’ to reflect what gets eaten on screen. Dad died a year ago, and this seemed by far the most reasonable way to commemorate that,” Crowley posted Saturday.

The effort took quite a bit of planning since elvish “lembas bread” and “orc power drink” are not yet available at Whole Foods.

After the marathon, Crowley thanked his Twitter followers for joining him on his culinary journey.

“(And because it wouldn’t be LOTR without multiple endings, thanks to everyone who joined in today: my friends, you bow to no one. Dad would be delighted to see just how much meat we’ve put back on everyone’s menu today x)” he posted.