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Start the most difficult conversation American isn’t having- the conversation about our end of life preferences

National Health Care Decisions Week In Chicago

You Helped Create ‘Living Well’ Murals Across Chicago

We Learned What Living Well Means To You

Mayor Emanuel Helped Start the Conversation in Chicago

‘National Health Care Decisions Day will help the residents of Chicago understand the importance of making their wishes known ahead of time with the hopes that fewer families and health care providers have to struggle with making difficult health care decisions’Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel


To celebrate National Health Care Decisions Week, we hosted the creation of site-specific murals in some of the busiest public spaces across Chicago that inspired you to consider your future health care decisions.

It was the biggest, most high-impact and public National Health Care Decisions Week event ever hosted!

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During National Health Care Decisions Week, these graphic gurus gave life to your future goals. They painted, drew and designed your preferences for living well.

April 16

James R. Thompson Center Atrium
*Live Action Cartoonists

Their mission is to entertain — and educate! This multi-member team includes Dr. Alex Thomas, a cartoonist, illustrator, and board-certified pediatric allergist, and Gary Ashwal, a health communication specialist, content producer and creative strategist.

Gary and Alex have been collaborating on creative projects since 2002, when they met at Northwestern University. Read more about them at

April 17

Northwestern University Feinberg Pavilion

and Sulzer Regional Library
*Nancy McCauley “Downtown Doodles”

— Nancy is a “visual practitioner” with 20 years of experience translating ideas into images. Her experience in project management, change management, group facilitation and training position her to communicate information and ideas in an easy to understand manner. You can view her work at

April 18

— Derail is a Chicago-based freelance storyboard/concept artist who enjoys telling stories. You can view his work at


During this week, NO ONE should have opened a newspaper, watched TV or surfed the internet without being confronted with the topic of advance care planning.

Advance care decision-making includes much more than advance directives– it’s a process that should focus first on identifying values and goals and discussing them with loved ones.

We’ve seen first-hand how valuable this movement has become. Here’s some of our previous coverage and expert guidance: