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SLIDESHOWS: You Helped Us Create ‘Living Well’ Murals Across Chicago!

National Health Care Decisions Week In Chicago
– We Learned What Living Well Means To You –

Chicago residents successfully began the process of considering and documenting their future health care wishes during National Health Care Decisions Week! Hundreds joined us in some of the city’s busiest public spaces to share their ideas of living well. Their ideas became part of one-of-a-kind murals.

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April 16

James R. Thompson Center Atrium with Dr. Alex Thomas, Gary Ashwal, Andy Brommel and Natsu Onoda Power, members of Live Action Cartoonists

April 17

Northwestern University Feinberg Pavilion with Nancy McCauley of Downtown Doodles

Sulzer Regional Library with Nancy McCauley of Downtown Doodles

April 18

On Chicago’s South side (Chatham) with Derail Howery, a Chicago-based freelance storyboard/concept artist