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Utah Hospice Hosts Wedding For Residents Who Fell In Love


A Salt Lake City hospice catering to the Utah’s homeless hosted a wedding for two residents who fell in love.

Ernie Dubose, 61, and Linda Lemieux, 50, found comfort and love at the The INN Between.

The couple married June 12 in the hospice’s new facility. They began dating in March.

“Please join us in congratulating our residents, Linda Lemieux and Ernie DuBose, on their wedding today at The INN Between,” the hospice posted on Facebook. “The couple wanted the first life event at our new facility be a positive one that represents a new beginning filled with love, compassion and commitment. Best wishes Mr. and Mrs. DuBose!”

DuBose told News4Utah he finally found love in an unexpected place.

“We like a lot of the same stuff and had the same values. Lot of things she didn’t like I don’t like and we like to help people,” he said.

Lemieux called her husband “the best man ever.”

DuBose, a former restaurant worker from Louisiana, has an inoperable heart condition, according to News4Utah. Lemieux described herself as a former heroin addict whose hepatitis C morphed into liver cancer.

Matilda Lindgren, the hospice program director, said the couple will spend their final days together at the small nonprofit hospice.

“They both are terminally ill and decided they really want to get married before…before it was too late so they can enjoy the rest of their days together,” Lindgren told the local TV station.

Hospice aims to provide comfort care and pain management rather than aggressive treatments- usually for terminally ill patients with six months or less to live. Hospice is most often used when curative treatments are no longer effective.