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Dying Man To See ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Before Spring Release


Superheroes do exist. 

A Marvel fan has reportedly been granted his wish to see Avengers: Endgame before he dies.

The Australian man, who said he is facing liver cancer and bone marrow failure, posted his dying wish on Reddit Jan. 5. He feared he would die before the film is released in April.

After his request went viral, the man revealed Chris Hemsworth, who portrays Norse god Thor in the massively popular franchise, may be working to make his wish reality.

Known only as “Alexander” on social media, he posted: “Will probably be dead before April. I’ve heard of people getting early screenings before. How do I get in on this action? I’m not a child, or anyone with a particularly tragic story. Just a normal guy. I’m 33, lost my sister three years ago to the same rare genetic disease it turns out I have too. I’ll leave behind a devoted girlfriend and an adopted greyhound. I thought I’d make it to April at least, but my bone marrow is toast.”

The Reddit community shared his request, and eventually Twitter users tweeted #Avengers4Alexander to garner support for the terminally ill man.

He later updated his post with the good news: “I’ve had messages from people hinting that Marvel higher ups are aware of me and are preparing something.

Also, because Australia is a small place, turns out I know a guy who knows a guy who is chums with Chris Hemsworth. I think they called him tonight on my behalf.”

He later posted that Disney representatives, the company that owns Marvel, reached out to him and that they are discussing options. “I cried when I read their email. It’s everything I hoped for and I owe it to all of you,” he posted.

The man said he plans to take part in an “AMA” Thursday at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time “for those interested.”

One of the most popular sub-reddits on is “IAmA” (I Am A) where users post “AMAs” (Ask Me Anything), or similar “AMAAs” (Ask Me Almost Anything) – they are prompts for others to ask questions. “AMAs” are open to all Reddit users, and use the site’s comment system for questions and answers. It is similar to a press conference, but online.

“I didn’t expect that Disney would actually reach out to me,” the man told SYFY WIRE. “I’m just some dying guy among a large cohort of dying guys who love these movies because they’re great. But the combined voices of Reddit and Twitter would have been impossible to ignore.”

  • Image: Screenshot: ‘Avengers Endgame’ (YouTube)