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Start the most difficult conversation American isn’t having- the conversation about our end of life preferences

What You’re Saying

The following quotations are taken from submitted answers to our public survey.

Do you have something to add about how end of life issues are discussed in families, the general public or the media? Tell us!
  • “These resources are so necessary, especially now that there are so many in the ‘sandwich generation.'”
  • “A resource other than hospice is needed. Hospice signifies the end (to my mom, anyway). Would be nice to have something to access before that.”
  • “Caregivers and families often feel left out. Families need to know where to go for support like this.”
  • “I think there’s more societal acceptance to talk about the end of life but not enough yet. We know we need to but avoid it.”
  • “We don’t think much about the subject unless faced with it. Maybe it should be a more mainstream conversation.”
  • “Medical issues are being discussed, emotional and financial issues are not being discussed.”
  • “It’s one of the few things we all face and nobody is really prepared. There is no manual, and so many people have to go through the final stages alone. It’s so sad.”
  • “End of life issues are critical. They are easier to discuss before being faced with it. I need help to broach the subject in a way that lifts up the person and helps them with their own fears and loss.”