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Quality of life at the end of life

Public art is popping up all over, and YOU are the subject!

News alert, Friends!

It’s National Health Care Decisions Day! It’s the day that every American is asked to consider, communicate and document their end of life care preferences. Traditionally held the day after tax day, it’s the time of year when we address life’s two certainties.

Despite knowing that these steps are essential to receive the care we desire, only one-third of us have taken them. This week, we’re committed to improving that!

That’s where you come in.

Join us as we celebrate the biggest, most impactful and public-facing National Health Care Decisions week in history!

You can make your mark on one of our giant Living Well mural creations in several sites across the city. Check out details on our NHDD special section.

Our artists are asking YOU about your hopes for living well at every age and stage of health. They will make those wishes come to life on their canvas. Everyone can watch their ideas take shape!

Snap a photo of your personal section of the creation to share with your loved ones. When you do, you’re Starting the Conversation we’re supposed to initiate this week: the one about our hopes and preferences for our future care.

On Wednesday, the living well mural will be mobilized, moving through three sites in Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood. With the support of the Retirement Research Foundation, residents have been Starting the Conversation in this South Side community for more than one year…and answering the “living well” question will be easy!

If you can’t join us in person, we have a handy guide for you to Start the Conversation with your family. It’s available right here.

Not convinced yet? Da Mayor says you should! Read more about how he is encouraging every resident to make their wishes known.

Meet ya at the murals,

Randi Belisomo

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P.P.S. This author is one of the smartest people I know, so when she says there’s one more decision we should make this week…I believe her.