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Protestantism And End Of Life Care

The term “Protestant” applies to many different Christian denominations with a wide range of beliefs that trace common origins to the Reformation. Protestant ideas have profoundly influenced modern bioethics, and most Protestants would see mainstream bioethics as compatible with their personal convictions (Canadian Medical Association Journal, Merril Pauls and Roger C. Hutchinson, 2002). However, this […]

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Judaism And End Of Life Care

While Judaism espouses the infinite value of human life, it also recognizes that all life is finite. Its teachings are compatible with modern principles of palliative medicine. For terminally ill patients, treatments that are not potentially curative may be refused, especially when they may result in harm (Journal of Palliative Medicine, Barry Kinzbrunner, 2004). Jewish […]

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Eastern Orthodoxy And End Of Life Care

The Orthodox Church views death as evil, symbolic of all forces opposing God-given life and its fulfillment. The Church categorically rejects euthanasia and the belief that humans have the right to hasten their own death. Adherents see such behavior as a form of suicide on the part of the individual and a form of murder […]

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Islam And End Of Life Care

Islamic ideas about death and the afterlife influence adherents’ attitudes towards end of life decision-making, because they hold that faithful Muslims return to Allah. For a believer in the afterlife who tried his or her best, death signals a transition from one form of existence to another (Journal of Islamic Medical Association of North America, […]

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