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What Do I Do With The Kids?

Appointing Temporary Caregivers for Minor Children End of life matters impact entire families. Regardless of planning, emergencies often arise which require time and attention – and too often, require a caregiver for minor children. This can become a problem if a parent is required to spend significant time away from home. In such cases, formally […]

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End Of Life Decisions

End of life decisions are important. Both of Tom’s parents died in hospice. At the end, they were not able to make decisions for themselves.  There were lots of decisions to be made during this extraordinary time, ranging from the personal to the practical- including “how do I want to be cared for” to “what […]

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The Importance Of Advance Directives

Stress among patients and their loved ones often stems from disagreements regarding health care decision-making at the end of life, including the choice of when to use or stop use of life-sustaining medical procedures. Generally, the choices regarding medical care are within a patient’s control. However, it is important to realize that there may come […]

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Health Care Surrogacy Laws: What You Should Know

In the event you don’t execute an advance directive, many states have created a statutory framework to grant health care decision-making authority to others. In making an informed choice regarding whether to create an advance directive, it is important to learn about how a health care surrogacy statute might impact you. For example, in Illinois, […]

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