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Start the most difficult conversation American isn’t having- the conversation about our end of life preferences

Managing Our Mortality

We are notorious for ignoring and denying death; we keep death out of sight and out of mind, postponing any serious considerations until death comes knocking at our door. This inevitably leaves us unprepared and frightened as we face our own mortality. We seldom get around to asking ourselves; "Will my death be good? Will it be wise? Will it matter?"

Death is not only a universal fact of life, part of the round of nature; but it's also a necessary part of what it means to be human. Everything that we value about life and living—its novelties, challenges, opportunities for development—would be impossible without death as the defining boundary of our lives. So planning for the inevitable, especially when death is not imminent, is important work for us all.

Death Is A Hard Sell

I recently had a very interesting weekend. On Saturday, I attended a daylong event at a local cancer research center called “Moving Beyond Cancer to Wellness.”   In addition to several thought-provoking workshops, it also included a small vendors area. Many cancer-related agencies had set up tables to display brochures for their programs for those […]

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