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The Conversation

Who Will Pull Your Plug?

We had been running errands for a few hours, and Rosemary was worn out by the time we returned home. With one smooth move, she slipped the dentures out of her mouth and laid them between us on the coffee table. “I’m so comfortable with you that I’ll take my teeth out in front of […]

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My Dinner With Lauren

Borrowing Children Being a mother was never a burning desire of mine. When I was a young, married woman and building a career in business, producing a child or two was in our plan. But the marriage ended before we got around to it, and the opportunity never knocked again. As the offspring of friends […]

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The First Of Mine To Die

The email arrived Monday morning. I immediately knew it brought bad news: his name was in CAPITAL LETTERS in the subject line. My old friend, my “ex,” had “passed away.” The message concluded, “Call for more info.” My mouth fell open, and I couldn’t breathe. The thought “Died? He died?” knocked around in my head […]

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Death With Chocolate

My friends and I are at the age at which sickness and death face us every day. They appear in the mirror when we see our mothers and fathers reflected back. They show up in the news as more of the celebrities whose deaths make the front page are of our generation, not that of […]

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Our Practice Run

We are the best of friends. It began with a winning blind date that led to a period of ambivalence about the nature of our relationship before we decided to become “just friends.” We have grown closer as we’ve grown older, and after 45 years, we know each other well. The youngsters would say we […]

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