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Our Medicine section aims to distill scientific research surrounding the end of life. Written by Life Matters Media co-founder, Mary F. Mulcahy, M.D., these articles seek to cut through the data not easily available to non-medical audiences and communicate how this news pertains to patients, the elderly, their families and their caregivers. Much of our source material can be found in this list of palliative and supportive care journals.

Ten Common Questions (And Their Answers) On Medical Futility

Keith M. Swetz, Christopher M. Burkle, Keith H. Berge, and William L. Lanier Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 2014 Open and honest communication may help limit some futile treatments Futile medical care and disagreements constitute the main ethical health-related challenges patients and caregivers face. An aging population and ever-expanding treatment and technology options may lead to misdirected, […]

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Clinical Cancer Advances 2013: Annual Report On Progress Against Cancer From The American Society Of Clinical Oncology

Jyoti D. Patel, Lada Krilov, Sylvia Adams, Carol Aghajanian, Ethan Basch, Marcia S. Brose, William L. Carroll, Marcos de Lima, Mark R. Gilbert, Mark G. Kris, John L. Marshall, Gregory A. Masters, Steven J. O’Day, Blasé Polite, Gary K. Schwartz, Sunil Sharma, Ian Thompson, Nicholas J. Vogelzang and Bruce J. Roth Journal of Clinical Oncology, […]

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