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Our Medicine section aims to distill scientific research surrounding the end of life. Written by Life Matters Media co-founder, Mary F. Mulcahy, M.D., these articles seek to cut through the data not easily available to non-medical audiences and communicate how this news pertains to patients, the elderly, their families and their caregivers. Much of our source material can be found in this list of palliative and supportive care journals.

Reduced Social Engagement Related To Mobility

Mobility, Disability, and Social Engagement in Older Adults Authors: Andrea L. Rosso, Jennifer A. Taylor, Loni Philip Tabb and Yvonne L. Michael Journal of Aging and Health, June 2013 Active social engagement is an essential component of successful aging. Opportunities for social engagement may decline with age, particularly as physical function declines. The association of […]

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Life­-Sustaining Treatment Preferences: Matches And Mismatches Between Patients’ Preferences And Clinicians’ Perceptions

Authors: Lois Downey, David Au, J. Randall Curtis and Ruth A. Engelberg Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, July 2013 Clinicians erred about patients’ wishes when patients did not want treatment End of life discussions have the potential for reducing unwanted treatment, decreasing health care costs and improving quality of end of life care. Although […]

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Do Patients With Advanced Cognitive Impairment Admitted to Hospitals With Higher Rates of Feeding Tube Insertion Have Improved Survival?

Authors: Shubing Cai, Pedro L. Gozalo, Susan L. Mitchell, Sylvia Kuo, Julie P.W. Bynum, Vincent Mor, and Joan M. Teno Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, 2012 Feeding tubes in dementia patients: No proven benefit Loss of appetite is a common and distressing symptom patients experience with advanced dementia. A feeding tube is a medical […]

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