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Start the most difficult conversation American isn’t having- the conversation about our end of life preferences

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Mayor Emanuel Starts the Conversation in Chicago, Urging Expression of End of Life Care Plans

Marking National Health Care Decisions Day on Tax Day, Residents Address Life’s Two Certainties LIFE MATTERS MEDIA STAFF Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is encouraging all Chicagoans to make their future health care wishes known during a week of events to educate residents about the importance of advance care planning, the process of considering, communicating and […]

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A Special Update: Catherine’s Journey

SPECIAL TO LIFE MATTERS MEDIA Noreen Burke Coussens, Elder Guide, Ltd. JUNE 2017 – As Catherine’s story unfolded…. Catherine’s health began to decline. Wounds were not healing due to poor circulation; her overall stamina was decreasing.  Every action became an effort.  Catherine and I had a follow-up discussion. I had explained to her that her heart, […]

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Passed And Present: Keeping Memories Alive

Making Mourning the Most Active of Verbs with Author Allison Gilbert  BY DANIEL GAITAN| GLENVIEW, Ill. – After the death of a loved one, many bottle-up their emotions. But that’s not healthy, according to noted author Allison Gilbert, who spoke about loss and “living in the present” this month at the Chicago Botanic Garden. […]

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