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Revolutionizing How Nursing Homes Care For The Sick

DANIEL GAITAN | Indiana researchers hope that providing nursing homes with additional federal funding and in-house clinicians will significantly reduce the number of unnecessary hospitalizations vulnerable residents face. Researchers with the Regenstrief Institute and Indiana University Center for Aging Research are testing whether providing nursing homes with increased Medicare payments will reduce disruptive and […]

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The American Medical Association To Examine Its Opposition To Physician-Assisted Suicide

BY DANIEL GAITAN | Amid a national debate regarding the risks and benefits of physician-assisted suicide, the American Medical Association will examine its decades-long opposition to the controversial practice. A recommendation that the nation’s largest physicians organization maintain its opposition to assisted-suicide was rejected Monday, with delegates at the annual Chicago meeting instead voting […]

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TROUBLING REPORT: Many Nursing Home Residents Undergo Unnecessary Transfers To ER

BY DANIEL GAITAN |  Nearly half of long-term nursing home residents will undergo at least one transfer to an emergency department this year, regardless of their cognitive status or need. Although a high percentage of long-term nursing home residents are sent to emergency departments, only about a third are admitted to the hospital, according […]

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