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Illinois Measure Would Allow Cameras To Be Installed In Nursing Home Rooms

Illinois could soon allow nursing home residents and their families to install video cameras and audio recorders in their rooms to help protect against abuse and neglect. Backed by Attorney General Lisa Madigan, the legislation would require resident and roommate consent and make nursing home residents or their families responsible for the purchase and maintenance of devices. A physician would need to determine whether a resident is capable […]

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Charlie Munger: Health Care System Prolongs Life Unnecessarily

Berkshire Hathaway Vice Chairman Charlie Munger has waded into the end of life care debate. During a lengthy interview broadcast Monday from Omaha, Neb., where Berkshire Hathaway held its annual shareholders meeting, Munger, 91, said the American health care system prolongs life unnecessarily.  “I would come down hard, if I had any power in the system, against prolonging [life] so you […]

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Reflections Of Med Students Upon First Patient Deaths Prove Valuable To Experienced Clinicians

Medical students caring for the terminally ill must learn to be both sensitive and resilient to cope with workplace stress and provide comfort to patients and their families, said a bioethicist to a crowd this week at the University of Chicago’s MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics. “Being present to patients and families is a […]

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The Value Of Hospice Care: An Interview With Dr. Ziad Obermeyer

Critically ill patients enrolled in hospice programs are far less likely to opt for costly, often unnecessary invasive procedures and die in hospitals, according to an extensive new study led by Dr. Ziad Obermeyer, an emergency medicine physician at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Obermeyer studied thousands of hospice and non-hospice patients using a nationally representative sampling of Medicare fee-for-service […]

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