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Start the most difficult conversation American isn’t having- the conversation about our end of life preferences


Taking It To The Streets: Randi Belisomo

As Life Matters Media Co-Founder Randi Belisomo knows, the spotlight on Chicago’s reputation for violent death often overshadows the day-to-day realities of its most vulnerable aging residents. By working across a network of civic, religious, health and community groups, she and her partners are bringing culturally competent, community-based end of life planning to Chicago’s South […]

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Sarah’s Story

Accompanying Report: Teen Accepts His Terminal Illness, And Thousands Of Birthday Cards BY DANIEL GAITAN | MESA, Ariz. – Jacob Priestley’s young life will not be defined by his terminal illness. Jacob and his family say they have come to terms with the rare, life-threatening illness that has weakened his body. However, that hasn’t stopped them from living […]

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Carrie’s Story

Last March, my dad, John Rooney, was diagnosed with ALS. In September, he shared his hopes for a good death.

When the time comes, I, too, hope he has a good and peaceful death. But, I hope for more for him. I hope for a good life.

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Stephanie’s Story

Accompanying Essay: Margaret, Peace at Last, by Noreen B. Coussens The trees in the hospital lawn began to look as stark as my hope for Margaret. The leaves abandoned the branches, separate now forever. Margaret’s life had evolved; it was once full with many experiences and friendships blossoming. As the leaves became full and green, so did […]

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