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Treatments and Illness

Illinois Senate Approves Nation’s Strictest Medical Marijuana Law

In what is being called the strictest medical marijuana law in the nation, Illinois lawmakers have agreed to legalize the drug for some terminally ill patients. Only physicians with existing relationships with certain patients could prescribe the drug, and patient background checks are mandatory. Patients would not be allowed to grow their own marijuana or […]

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The Future Of Caregiving Could Be A Talking Dog

Pet avatars offered as a solution to caregiver crisis at TEDMED  The thought of virtual pets evoke 1990s toy memories for millennials, but a new incarnation of such may help stave off dementia in their grandparents- and provide them  enriching social connections. GeriJoy companions, virtual “talking dogs,” are now providing pet therapy, personal companionship and […]

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Community Cancer Clinics Turning Thousands Away

Many U.S. cancer clinics have started to turn away thousands of patients due to the sequester’s cuts to Medicare. As The Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff reports, some oncologists say the reduced federal funding makes it impossible for community clinics to administer expensive chemotherapy to seniors and remain financially stable. These patients must now seek treatment […]

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