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Daniel Gaitan

A Brazen Con Artist: The $20 Million Hospice Fraud Featured on CNBC’s ‘American Greed’

Reporting on a Historic Hospice Scandal 11-13: Illinois Hospice Unveils Collaborative Care Initiatives In an effort to help teach medical professionals how collaborative and coordinated care for the terminally ill results in improved patient outcomes and decreased hospital spending, Illinois-based Passages Hospice unveiled two new programs this week in celebration of National Palliative Care Month. […]

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Have You Had ‘The Talk,’ Yet?

BY DANIEL GAITAN | Hundreds of Americans are expected to take part in a “Death over Dinner” this spring. The campaign, led by restaurateur Michael Hebb, aims to encourage more open and honest discussion of death and dying at the dinner table. Hebb wants to launch a “patient-led revolution at the dinner table.” “My […]

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Overcoming Barriers To Advance Care Planning Among African-Americans

BY DANIEL GAITAN | African-Americans receive worse end of life care and are far less likely to participate in advance care planning than whites. Unfortunately, clinicians and researchers often fail to recognize the numerous, interconnected factors influencing advance care planning among African-Americans, according to Dr. Justin Sanders, an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School. Sanders […]

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