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Death and Dying

The First Of Mine To Die

The email arrived Monday morning. I immediately knew it brought bad news: his name was in CAPITAL LETTERS in the subject line. My old friend, my “ex,” had “passed away.” The message concluded, “Call for more info.” My mouth fell open, and I couldn’t breathe. The thought “Died? He died?” knocked around in my head […]

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‘Consider The Conversation’ Directors Speak With LMM

As Consider the Conversation: A Documentary About Unintended Consequences nears completion, directors Terry Kaldhusdal and Michael Bernhagen spoke to Life Matters Media about their inspirations and the challenges they face funding their project- the second in a series of documentaries exploring end of life care. Their first documentary, Consider the Conversation: A Documentary On A […]

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Chicago ‘Death Cafe’ Encourages Frank, Honest Discussion

More than 200 ‘Death Cafes’ have sprouted across the globe Adults spanning multiple generations gathered at the Evanston, Illinois Public Library Monday for an evening of honest discussion about death and dying– with a heavy supply of cookies and coffee to help it all go down easier. Chicagoland welcomed its second ‘Death Cafe’  in recent months; […]

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