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Deirdre Fishel

‘Care’: A Difficult Documentary

BY DANIEL GAITAN | Care isn’t a horror film, but it’s certainly frightening. The new documentary from director Deirdre Fishel explores the plight of impoverished, emotionally drained care workers and those who rely on them for their most basic needs. This is not an enjoyable film, but it is important. “From the time we are born we start […]

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Film Pulls Back Curtain On Tough World Of Full-Time Caregiving

BY DANIEL GAITAN | A documentary making the rounds at film festivals across the nation spotlights the plight of caregivers. Care explores the physically draining and emotionally grating job that allows millions of seriously ill and aged Americans to spend their final days at home. Director Deirdre Fishel spent months shadowing stressed out, underpaid […]

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