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End Of Life Questions From Catholics Tackled At National Health Care Decisions Day Symposium

BY DANIEL GAITAN | On National Health Care Decisions Day, the Integritas Institute for Ethics hosted a symposium to explore the ethical challenges that arise at the end of life. Roman Catholic physician Ely Wesley, a Vanderbilt University pulmonary and critical care specialist, warned fellow doctors at the University of Illinois-Chicago against the hastening […]

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Connecticut Assisted Suicide Bill Finally Gets Hearing

For the first time in Connecticut’s history, the General Assembly’s Public Health Committee allowed a legislative hearing about a physician-assisted suicide bill. H.B. 6645 aims to allow physicians the ability to prescribe life-ending medications at the request of mentally competent, terminally ill patients. Patients would have to self-administer the drug. Connecticut’s CBS affiliate reports that because […]

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Montana HB505: Outlawing Assisted Suicide

Montana lawmakers are considering a controversial bill to outlaw physician-assisted suicide, a decision that opponents say would punish doctors for honoring their dying patients’ wishes. If the bill passes, physicians who provide life-ending drugs could face 10 years in prison and a $50,000 fine. Introduced by Rep. Krayton Kerns, a Republican, HB505 seeks to clarify “the offense of assisting […]

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Question 2: Mass. Votes ‘Death with Dignity’

Massachusetts will vote on whether to allow physicians to prescribe life-ending drugs to terminally ill patients. Question 2 is known as “Death with Dignity,” and the measure will likely pass, even with strong opposition from outspoken patients, prominent physicians and the Roman Catholic Church. Patient concerns “As a good pro-choice liberal, I ought to support the effort. […]

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