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Dying In America

Reimburse Doctors For Helping Patients Plan End Of Life Care, Experts Say

This piece was first published in Reuters Health. President Randi Belisomo is a contributor. Physician incentives are needed to improve end of life care in the U.S., health experts said Friday at an Institute of Medicine (IOM) forum. The forum convened at the National Academy of Sciences to discuss action on the recommendations of the IOM’s seminal fall report, Dying […]

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Hearing Loss An Oft-Overlooked Problem For Hospice Patients

This piece was first published in Reuters Health. President Randi Belisomo is a contributor. Among dying hospice patients, hearing problems are often overlooked, but shouldn’t be, experts say. Families and physicians frequently mistake hearing loss for dementia among the elderly and terminally ill, said Barbara Weinstein, a professor of audiology at the City University of New York. The Institute of […]

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Palliative Medical Teams Encouraged By Institute Of Medicine’s “Dying In America” Report

Palliative medicine for the seriously ill should be covered by all payers and provided by all health organizations, said Dr. Diane Meier, director of the Center to Advance Palliative Care, during a presentation exploring new findings about dying in America. Meier addressed a widely circulated report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) calling for new public engagement strategies to foster […]

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Advance Directives In Church: Honoring Choices Wisconsin Encourages Christians To Plan

Evangelical and mainline Protestants need encouragement from medical providers within their own churches to better engage in comprehensive end of life planning, said the Rev. Charles A. Orme-Rogers at the Wisconsin Medical Society’s annual conference. “When end of life discussions take place in a comfortable space, like a church, people are more trusting,” Rogers, an […]

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