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End-of-life care

Angry Caregivers’ Misguided Blame

This essay was originally published in The Huffington Post. Re-posted with Jacobs’ permission. “What made you decide to end your marriage?” I asked the exasperated 42-year-old woman in my office. We were having one of those post-op individual psychotherapy sessions shortly after the couples therapy I conducted with her and her husband had failed. Our […]

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New Jersey Moves Toward Electronic POLST System

LIFE MATTERS MEDIA STAFF New Jersey could soon become one of the first states to use a state-wide electronic health registry to store seriously ill patients’ medical orders. State Health Commissioner Cathleen Bennett and officials from the New Jersey Hospital Association unveiled the new electronic Practitioner Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) initiative this month at a local […]

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An ‘Accidental Activist’: One ICU Doctor’s Work To Change Death Through Print And Film

BY DANIEL GAITAN | Jessica Zitter calls herself an “accidental activist.” After decades working in intensive care units, the California-based physician is now focusing on making end of life care better for her patients – and millions of others. In today’s medical culture, the dying are often put on what Zitter calls the “End […]

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