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Healthcare in the United States

Resuscitation Efforts Death Ritual In Western Medicine

Although palliative care and hospice service have improved the death experience for many Americans, demands for non-beneficial resuscitation efforts are still frequent, said neonatologist Kelly Stuart at the Second Annual Conference on Religion and Medicine in Chicago Tuesday. Medicalizing the death experience promotes dualism, Stuart said, separating both body and soul and death ritual and medicine. She said dualism does […]

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GSN’s David Goldhill: American Health Care Killed My Father

Game Show Network President David Goldhill says it was the American health care system that killed his father, not the pneumonia for which he sought treatment at a New York City hospital. He addressed the need for health care overhaul at last weekend’s Association of Health Care Journalists conference in Boston. Goldhill’s newly released book, Catastrophic Care: How […]

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