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Healthcare reform in the United States

Community Cancer Clinics Turning Thousands Away

Many U.S. cancer clinics have started to turn away thousands of patients due to the sequester’s cuts to Medicare. As The Washington Post’s Sarah Kliff reports, some oncologists say the reduced federal funding makes it impossible for community clinics to administer expensive chemotherapy to seniors and remain financially stable. These patients must now seek treatment […]

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Find Out What Goes On Within Your Local Hospital

Online reporting was the focus last week at the annual Association of Health Care Journalists conference in Boston, where the Association announced its new database– a service that makes federal hospital inspection reports easier to access. The Web site, funded by the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation, includes details about deficiencies cited during complaint inspections at American acute-care and […]

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Hospitals Fear Medicare Cuts

With “fiscal cliff” negotiations stalling and entitlement cuts and changes pending in Congress, some hospitals fear they’ll be left to fill in gaps left by Medicare cuts. Both President Obama and House Republicans have proposed raising Medicare premiums and savings of at least $400 billion over 10 years. The New York Times reports: “[T]here is already discussion of cutting special payments to […]

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