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The Accidental Caregiver: An Interview With Gregor Collins

When Gregor Collins began caring for noted Austrian Holocaust refugee Maria Altmann nearly five years ago, he did not expect his experiences to evolve into the most profound and intimate relationship of his life. The aspiring actor/producer also did not foresee a critically acclaimed memoir detailing their unique bond, or his involvement in A Good Day To Die– […]

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‘Dallas Buyers Club’ Intimately Explores End Of Life

Dallas Buyers Club intimately explores the fears and stigmas faced by gay and straight men diagnosed with H.I.V. in 1980s Texas, a period and place where myths and judgements surrounded the disease and few proven treatment options were available. The film, directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, is based off the true-life story of Ron Woodroof (played by Matthew McConaughey), the […]

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