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Compassion & Choices Coordinator: We Protect Patients And Doctors

The organization Compassion & Choices serves to defend doctors and protect the rights of terminally ill patients, said Regional Campaign and Outreach Manager Roland Halpern during an informational event the group hosted in Wilmette, IL Sunday. Halpern answered questions from long-term and prospective members of Compassion & Choices, the nation’s largest organization with a stated […]

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Art And Death: An Interview With Collector Richard Harris

Having just concluded “Death: A Self-Portrait,” a successful London-based art exhibit focusing on death and dying, Richard Harris, 75, shared with Life Matters Media his thoughts about art, religion and mortality. He presented “Morbid Curiosity” two years ago at the Chicago Cultural Center, which went on to become the center’s most successful exhibit ever— it drew more than 150,000 […]

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Psychological Responses To End Of Life

Nurses’ positive attitudes towards death and dying can alleviate the suffering of some terminally ill patients, according to new findings from Spanish researchers published in the International Journal of Nursing Studies. Lead researcher Rafael Montoya-Juarez, from the University of Granada, and others sought to identify the psychological responses the terminally ill put in place to deal with […]

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