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My Vexing/Gratifying 7 Years Of Caregiving

This essay was originally published in The Huffington Post. Re-posted with Jacobs’ permission. On April 26, while lying motionless in her nursing home bed with closed eyelids and a gaping mouth, my 86-year-old mother took two last short breaths before peacefully going still. Her death from complications of dementia and kidney failure brought to a […]

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‘The Inner Will’: Facing Personal Crisis And Loss

Bestselling author and psychotherapist Piero Ferrucci wants to help people facing death, disease and loneliness develop “internal resilience” with his new book, Your Inner Will: Finding Personal Strength in Critical Times.  Ferrucci, nephew of dystopian fiction author Aldous Huxley and student of “psychosynthesis” founder Roberto Assagioli, hopes people will learn to reframe their struggles as character-building opportunities. Deep down, Ferrucci writes, we all have special reserves of strength and wisdom […]

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